College Life

  1. Registering for a Class

  2. Meeting New Students

  3. Finding a Classroom

  4. Buying Textbooks

  5. Talking about a Professor

  6. Making an Appointment with Your Professor

  7. Turning Homework in Late

  8. Finding an Error in Your Test Score

  9. Borrowing Class Notes

  10. Grading Policy

  11. Discussing Your Grades with Your Professor

  12. Talking to Professor about Being Absent

  13. Talking to Professor about Leaving Early

  14. Talking to a Counselor

  15. Adding a Class

  16. Date and Time of a Field Trip

  17. Where to Buy Lunch

  18. Using a Vending Machine

  19. Getting a Library Card

  20. Returning Overdue Books

  21. Using a Parking Meter

  22. Purchasing a Parking Permit

  23. Parking at School

  24. Fighting a Parking Ticket


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