Conversation: 10. Grading Policy


A: I was wondering how you are going to calculate our final grades.

B: Grades are based on many things: homework, attendance, quizzes, mid-term, and final.

A: What counts the most?

B: Actually I look at all of it and let's not forget class participation.

A: Do you grade on a curve or use percentages?

B: Homework, attendance, and quizzes are sixty percent; the mid-term and final are worth twenty percent each.

A: What if we miss something?

B: I will allow one unexcused absence; after that you need to contact me ahead of time.

A: Will you tell us if we are failing during the year?

B: You will be able to track your progress during the year.


A: What do you base our grades on?

B: All of your coursework is important, including everything from attendance and homework to all of your test results for the semester.

A: Does the final count the most?

B: All of it is important; please just do your best at all times.

A: How do you total our scores?

B: The final and mid-term are twenty percent each; homework, attendance, and quizzes are the rest.

A: What if we are out sick?

B: Make sure you contact me as I only allow one unexcused absence.

A: How can we know if we are doing OK during the year?

B: Your grade will not be a surprise; you will know what you need to work on.


A: How do you decide what grade we get?

B: I look at many things: attendance, quizzes, and tests.

A: What is the most important factor?

B: Obviously I look for improvement as we go along, but I would like you to do your best from the beginning.

A: How can we keep track of our grades?

B: The final and midterm are 40 percent of your grade; homework, attendance, and quizzes total 60 percent.

A: What if we can't get to school?

B: You can only miss one class without penalty.

A: If we have a major problem, will you let us know?

B: I will be letting you know during the year if you have a major problem.

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