11. Discussing Your Grades with Your Professor

1. Repeat

A: I'd like to talk to you about my grades.

B: Sure! What exactly do you have questions about?

A: I am worried that I messed up on a test.

B: Well, let me take a look at my grade book. How do YOU think you are doing?

A: I think I am doing great, except for that one test!

B: Well, your scores show that you could do a little better. What do you think you could improve on?

A: I think that I could study a little harder for tests.

B: Fine! Please remember that regular attendance is the most important way to begin.

A: Yes, I know.

B: I'm sure you'll do fine.

2. Repeat

A: Could you talk to me for a few minutes about my grades?

B: Step into my office for a moment. What is your concern?

A: Am I failing?

B: Let's go on the computer to see what's up. Do you think you are doing well?

A: I am pretty sure that I am in trouble.

B: I can see that you are trying, but where do you think you could improve?

A: I missed a few classes; I need to make sure I come to school on a regular basis.

B: Having a regular study routine and following it is very important, right?

A: I'll try; it's hard!

B: Thanks for stopping by!

3. Repeat

A: Professor, I'm concerned about my grades. Do you have a minute?

B: Of course, how can I help you?

A: I want to know if I am doing OK.

B: Let's pull out your scores so far. Do you think you are doing OK?

A: I am afraid that I might not be doing all that well.

B: I'm seeing that you are doing OK in some areas, but not so well in others.

A: I think I could take better notes and read a little more.

B: You can greatly improve your grades by always reflecting on what you can improve on.

A: I'm working on it!

B: Just do your best and I am sure that you will see improvement.

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