18. Using a Vending Machine


A: Can you help me figure out how to use this machine?

B: Yes, I would be happy to help. What do you want to buy?

A: I want to buy that candy.

B: OK. So this machine will make change if you need it. Do you have your dollars ready?

A: Yeah, so far, so good.

B: Next, you feed your dollars into the machine in the slot. Make sure they are smooth.

A: Yeah, I already knew that.

B: I'm sure you know that if the dollar gets stuck, you might have to re-feed it.

A: OK, let's move on!

B: Now you just make your selection and pray. If nothing comes out, try again or call the number on the side of the machine.

A: I hope it works!

B: Well, good luck!


A: I've never seen a machine like this before and need some help.

B: Sure, no problem. What are you trying to get?

A: I want to buy a drink.

B: OK. This machine needs you to use that change machine first to get correct change.

A: I've got the correct change already.

B: First you put your money in the dollar slot or the coin slot. The dollars have to be smooth.

A: OK, what next?

B: Just know that sometimes the money doesn't go in perfectly the first time and you have to try again.

A: OK, next?

B: Choose what you want and push the button. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

A: I agree with you.

B: Hope that works for you!


A: I want to know how to buy something from this machine.

B: Yeah, the new ones can be tricky. What are you trying to buy?

A: I want to buy one of those snack things.

B: Are you ready to go?

A: I'm clear so far.

B: The money goes in the slot over there. It has to be smooth to go in.

A: It won't go in!

B: Just remember that you might have to feed the money in a couple of times to get it to work.

A: Yes, next step.

B: Make your selection and hope for the best. Vending machines aren't all that reliable.

A: They're totally unreliable.

B: You seem to have it down. Have a good day!

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