17. Where to Buy Lunch


A: Hi, could you help me find a place where I could buy some lunch?

B: Sure! What kind of food would you like?

A: I was thinking of pizza or something else Italian, maybe.

B: I know the perfect place!

A: Good! Where is it?

B: It's right past that last building on the left. Do you want me to go with you?

A: That would be great.

B: Glad you asked me to join you. This will be fun!


A: Man, I'm hungry. Do you know a good place to have lunch?

B: Yes, I know a great place. What types of food do you like?

A: Mexican, Japanese or Chinese would be great.

B: Oh, I know a place where you might like to eat.

A: Is it close by?

B: It's down a block on the right; can I show you the way?

A: OK, I'd love the company.

B: This will work out well. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.


A: Let's have some lunch; do you know of a great restaurant somewhere?

B: I'm hungry, too. What types of food sound good?

A: Maybe just a quick sandwich, salad, or something.

B: I have a great idea of where you might like to go.

A: Can we walk there?

B: It's on the second floor. May I join you?

A: Of course! Let's go.

B: Let's hurry. I'm starving!

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