22. Purchasing a Parking Permit


A: I'd like to purchase a parking permit for next semester.

B: Are you a daytime student or do you just come in the evenings?

A: I am a daytime student.

B: Will you be driving a motorcycle or a car?

A: I will be driving my car.

B: OK, that will be twenty-five dollars. How would you like to pay for it?

A: I'll pay for it with a check.

B: Would you like to pay for any extra permits for another vehicle?

A: No, thanks; I'm fine.

B: Here you go then. Have a great school year!


A: I'll need a parking permit for next semester.

B: Do you attend school during the day or only at night?

A: I only attend class part-time in the evenings.

B: Do you drive a motorcycle or an automobile?

A: I have both, but I usually use my car to get to school.

B: Great, the price for that permit is thirty dollars; cash, check, or credit card?

A: I'll pay cash.

B: Do you need to buy a duplicate permit for a second vehicle?

A: No, thank you.

B: OK, here is your permit; enjoy the new semester.


A: I want to buy a parking permit, please.

B: Are you a full-time student or do you attend part-time in the evenings?

A: I attend both day and evening classes.

B: Will you be riding a motorcycle or do you drive a car?

A: I ride a motorcycle.

B: That permit will run twenty-five dollars; will that be cash or credit card?

A: I'll use a credit card, thank you.

B: Do you need a second permit for a car?

A: No, just the motorcycle permit.

B: Fine, here it is and have a great semester!

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