2. Meeting New Students


A: Hello, how are you doing?

B: Pretty good, and you?

A: I'm doing great.

B: That's great to hear.

A: So how long have you been going to PCC?

B: I've been going here for a couple years now. You?

A: This is my first year.

B: How do you like it so far?

A: It's all right.

B: You don't like it?

A: I'll like it better once I finish my GE.

B: That's exactly how I used to feel.


A: How are things with you?

B: Not too bad. How about yourself?

A: Not bad.

B: I'm glad to hear that.

A: Have you been going to PCC long?

B: I've only been here two years. How about yourself?

A: I just started this year.

B: Do you like it?

A: It's fine for right now.

B: You do not like it, right?

A: Once I'm finished with my GE, it should get better.

B: I felt the same way my first year.


A: How is everything going with you?

B: Great. You?

A: Pretty good.

B: Good for you.

A: When did you start going to PCC?

B: This is my second year. How about you?

A: I only got here this year.

B: You like it so far?

A: It's OK.

B: I can tell you don't really like it.

A: It'll get better after I finish my General Education.

B: I understand what you mean.

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