7. Turning Homework in Late

1. Repeat

A: Excuse me, Professor. I have to talk to you about why my homework didn't get done.

B: What happened that you didn't get it done?

A: I had to watch a football game instead.

B: Well, you had more than one day; couldn't you have fit it in on another day?

A: Yes, I think so.

B: Either way, I only allow one missed assignment per semester. When will you be turning the make-up in?

A: I'll make it up next week.

B: Fine, but it cannot happen again if you want an "A" in the class.

A: OK, I can do that.

B: Remember that you are in college now, not high school.

2. Repeat

A: I don't have my homework today.

B: You usually are good about turning it in; what happened?

A: I was really sick.

B: But couldn't you have done it when you felt better?

A: Yes, I probably could.

B: You have already missed one other assignment; when can I expect the make-ups?

A: Next class meeting.

B: That will be soon enough, but make sure you get next week's assignment in as well, all right?

A: That would work for me.

B: Good. I know that you are capable of being an excellent student.

3. Repeat

A: Let me tell you what happened to my homework.

B: OK, go ahead--what is the excuse THIS time?

A: Actually, I did it, but then it got lost.

B: Could you have gotten it done at another time?

A: Yes, I could.

B: You have never missed an assignment before--when will you be making this one up?

A: I'll make it up early next week.

B: That would work, but don't let it happen again.

A: I'll try.

B: That will solve it then. Let's work hard to not let it happen again.

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