65. Beauty in Simple Lines and Shapes

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Stephanie was known for her dedication to the art of drawing. Every morning, as the sun painted the sky with hues of gold and pink, she would sit by her window, with a piece of blank paper and a pencil in hand. Stephanie's drawings were simple but filled with a unique charm. She sketched the beauty she saw around her.

One day, the mayor announced an art exhibition in the nearby town. People encouraged Stephanie to participate. Initially hesitant, she finally agreed. She chose to draw the ancient oak tree, a symbol of enduring strength. At the exhibition, visitors were drawn to Stephanie's drawing. Her work didn't have intricate details or vivid colors, but it spoke of the deep connection she felt with her surroundings. It won the hearts of the judges. She was awarded the first prize.

The recognition was unexpected but heart-warming. She continued to draw, sharing her love for the world one sketch at a time, reminding everyone that beauty could be found in the simple lines and shapes that make up life.