66. A New Beginning

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Maria had dreamt of this moment for years. As a new immigrant to the United States, she had eagerly awaited the opportunity to participate in the democratic process by casting her vote. Today was the day her dream would become a reality.

Maria stood in line at the polling station. She had spent countless hours studying the candidates. Her decision was well-informed. In the voting booth, Maria carefully marked her ballot, and made sure every selection was accurate. With a sense of pride, she folded the ballot and placed it in the box. As she walked away from the voting booth, a smile of satisfaction and gratitude lit up her face. Being a new immigrant in the United States meant more than just a change of address.

With her first vote, Maria had not only exercised her right as a citizen, but had also taken a significant step towards making her dreams come true. She left the polling station with a sense of belonging and a hope for a brighter future in the new country.