67. A Road to Freedom

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Richard had been counting down the days until his 18th birthday, not just because it meant he was officially an adult. It meant he could finally get his first car. For years, he had been saving money, from odd jobs and birthdays. Today was the day he had been waiting for.

With his parents by his side, they headed to a small used car dealership. Richard had his heart set on an old but reliable sedan. After an hour of browsing, they stumbled upon a 2015 silver Honda Civic. It wasn't the flashiest, but it had been well maintained. Richard's heart raced as he test-drove it. Back at the dealership, they struck a deal. Richard drove his very own car off the lot. The sense of independence and freedom was overwhelming.

Over the next few months, Richard learned about car maintenance, and responsible driving. The car became a symbol of responsibility and freedom. It carried him through high school, college, and into his first job. However, Richard never forgot the day he got his first car.