194. The School Dance

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Charles and Richard were known around the school for being troublemakers. They weren't allowed to attend the school dance, because they had gotten caught trying to sneak into the girls' locker room. Although Charles and Richard always got in trouble, sometimes they didn't deserve it. They just had a bad reputation. That's what happens when you have a bad reputation. The school dance was coming up. Charles and Richard had a plan on how to sneak in. They were really troublemakers this time.

It was the tradition that before each dance, the school band would perform the school's song. Along with the band, our mascot would come out to dance. Our mascot was a bulldog, but we had both a male and a female bulldogs. Charles and Richard decided to go into the dance as the bulldogs. They convinced the students who were going to be the mascots not to go.

On the night of the dance, Charles and Richard entered the gym as the mascots. They were dancing and running around the dance floor as mascots are supposed to do. Then the principal came up to say a few words and introduce the school band. Charles and Richard had a plan though. After the band started playing, they got behind the principal and started carrying him. The principal started yelling, but Charles and Richard didn't listen. They started walking closer and closer to the pool that was on the other side of the gym. Before the principal realized what was going to happen, they let him go directly into the pool. Everyone started laughing. Charles and Richard ran out of the gym quickly. No one realized they were Charles and Richard. Of course, the next day they got caught. They were really in trouble.

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