193. Baseball Tryouts

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Robert Garcia always wanted to play baseball. He was small and weak, but he loved playing the game. Robert told his dad that he wanted to play baseball, but he felt that he was too weak to get into the school baseball team. Robert's dad looked at him and said, "Son, strength doesn't come from muscles. You never know what you can do till you try. Go out there and try it. You have to take a chance."

Robert was inspired. He went to the tryouts at school the next day. Even though Robert was the smallest person at the tryouts, he didn't give up. When the coach looked at Robert and asked him what he was doing there. "I'm here to tryout, coach," Robert said. The coach wanted to laugh, Robert knew it, but the coach stopped himself. "Okay, let's see what you got," the coach said. He gave him a bat. Robert stepped up to bat. The pitcher threw the ball, and Robert swung as hard as he could. After he opened his eyes, Robert noticed that he had missed the ball. This happened two more times, and then he was out.

The coach went out to talk to Robert: "Sorry, son. This sport is not for everyone." Robert didn't understand. He felt angry and sad. He thanked the coach for the opportunity, and started walking off the field. Then he heard some of the guys making fun of him for being small. Robert couldn't take it anymore. He started running home. The coach saw Robert start running and couldn't believe how fast he was running. Robert was running faster than the team's fastest player. The coach told his assistant, "Go to the office and get me the home number for that kid." Robert got home, and his dad told him the good news. He had gotten on the team. Robert couldn't believe it. He heard the coach's message, "Sorry for not believing in you, Speedy. Welcome to the team."

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