195. A Jealous Girlfriend

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Kevin Turner was a trusting guy, but his girlfriend Carol Adams wasn't so trusting. Whenever Kevin wanted to hang out with his friends, Carol would look at him and say, "Who are you really seeing?" At first Kevin took it as a joke, but soon Carol started getting carried away with it. When he went out with her, she would lie about not having her phone just so that she could see his phone. She would check his text messages and calls. She would check his Facebook and Twitter.

I asked Kevin one day why he was still with her. He simply said that he had a plan. I was curious about his plan, but he didn't want to tell me what it was. After they had been going out for a couple of months, Kevin started going out to clubs, and Carol would always tag along. Kevin would say that he forgot his wallet and if she could pay. Apart from being jealous, Carol was actually willing to pay for a lot of Kevin's things. It turned out that all that jealousy had turned Kevin into a different person. Kevin started getting Carol to buy him things. She paid for his cell phone, for his car payments, for his clothes, and for his rent. I asked Kevin why he was still with her. He told me that he had another plan.

One day, Carol had a fight with her best friend. When it was all over, she went to talk to Kevin at his house, but he wasn't home. It turned out that Kevin had always liked Carol's best friend. He kept it secret, but once he found out that they had started fighting, he realized that it was his chance. Kevin eventually got in a relationship with Carol's best friend; Carol eventually got over Kevin. "Jealousy is not a good look on a person," Kevin said. He told me that he did what he did because of how jealous Carol was.

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