196. Skating for Glory

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Brian Nelson got his first skateboard when he was 9 years old. He started skating right away. He had friends at school that knew how to skate, so he would go to their houses after school. As time went by, Brian got better and better at skating. He could do a lot of tricks on his skateboard, but what Brian really loved was jumping over stairs with his skateboard. His record was 15 stairs, but he wanted to beat that record. Brian and his friends went to the Hollywood 18, where a lot of skaters go to make skating videos.

Brian knew that if he jumped over those stairs, he would become a legend with his friends. As he went up to the stairs, he started counting each stair one by one. He wanted to make sure they passed 15. On his first try, Brian jumped off his skateboard and landed on the grass next to the stairs. He wanted to try again, but he was scared. He finally got the nerve to try it again. This time he actually jumped over some stairs. Unfortunately, he didn't pass the 16th step in the staircase. He fell off his board, but he didn't get that hurt. Some girls were looking at Brian, and asked him if he could do it again. Brian knew he had to get it this time.

As Brian prepared for his jump, he kept looking at the girls that had gathered to see him. He was breathing heavy, but he knew he could do it. The time had arrived. Brian was ready to try it again. He pushed off the pavement, and started pedaling his skateboard faster and faster. He got to the top of the stairs and then he jumped. Brian was in the air for about 5 seconds and then he landed. The girls all applauded, and then Brian stopped his skateboard. He had done it. He beat his record. All the girls went up to give him a hug, but they all stayed away because he smelled. He started laughing. Everyone laughed and congratulated Brian.

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