57. Learning How to Drive

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John turned sixteen a couple of months ago, which meant that he was old enough to get his driving license. He was excited about this because he hated walking. His school was far from home. He had to walk over thirty minutes to school. It was okay on most days, but when it was raining, he hated it. It was also inconvenient when he had to wake up early.

John decided to prepare for his driving test. He must pass the written test in order to get his permit. He studied for the test by enrolling in an online course. He spent a few hours reading the manual and learning about the rules of the road. In a few weeks, he was ready for the test. He brought all his documents and took the written test. When he got his results, he was happy to see that he had passed.

Now all he had to do was to take the road test. Before he could take the road test, he had to learn how to drive. His parents found a driving teacher that his cousin had used. He was going to meet with him in a week to learn how to drive. When he first got behind the wheel, he was nervous. After a few lessons, he loved driving. John was excited to take the test. He felt confident that he would do well. The next day, he signed up for the driving test.

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