56. The Physical Education Class

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During the Physical Education class, the students played a lot of different sports. They played kickball, soccer, basketball, nd dodgeball. Whatever sport it was, they always picked teams. The captain was assigned randomly, and then the captains got to pick who was on their team. Michael was not very good at sports. He felt insecure when it came to picking teams. He was almost always the last, or close to the end. Because of this, Michael hated sports. He did not want to try as he knew that he was not good at it. The other kids would make fun of him about how he always got picked last.

One day Michael asked his teacher if he could not participate. He was tired of the other kids laughing at him. His teacher told him that sports were not for everyone, but if he wanted to try, he could help him. He gave him other options instead of the typical sports they had. The teacher also decided to do random teams instead so that everyone would have a chance. Michael liked this better. He felt less pressured. He was no longer singled out.

This made him want to participate more. He became faster and more skilled in everything. He even began to like the class. He enjoyed it much more when it was less about who was better and more about participating. Michael now played sports even outside the Physical Education class.

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