55. A Hiking Trip

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It was a beautiful sunny day, a perfect day to go out and embrace nature. Sarah wanted to go hiking. She loved all outdoor activities, especially those that required her to be vigorous. She loved rock climbing and rowing. She thought a hike would be perfect for the weather. She decided to bring her dog along so they both could get some exercise. Like Sarah, her dog also loved to exercise. It loved going on runs with her every morning. They would go on their local trail or run at the park.

Sarah decided to try a new hiking trail this time. She wanted to go to one near the beach so she could have a beautiful view of the beach. She packed her backpack with all her essentials, a water bottle, a jacket, some snacks, and a hat. She wore her athletic gear and her most comfortable shoes. She brought her camera to take a picture of the view at the top. She was ready for this adventure.

When she and her dog got to the hiking trail, Sarah saw all the trees and grass. It was beautiful. She loved it because the path was not just dirt. There were so many plants, there was also a lot of wildlife. The trail had a beautiful view at the top. The breeze she felt was amazing. Her dog also enjoyed it a lot.

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