54. Different Morning Routines

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People have different routines every morning. There is something we all do before we start each of our days. Linda and Tom are twins, but they do different things every morning.

Tom starts his day by turning on his playlist. He plays music to get him excited for the day and to wake him up. He likes to listen to upbeat pop songs that inspire him to begin the day with a good start. He then goes to the bathroom, brushes his teeth, and washes his face. He has his clothes laid out on the chair the night before. After he has combed his hair. He then eats cereal for breakfast. He packs his stuff into his backpack. He makes sure he does not forget anything, especially his phone and wallet. He makes sure that he has all his homework also.

Linda starts her morning every day without music. Instead, she sets multiple alarms because it's hard for her to get up. She will then go to the restroom, similar to Tom. She puts her contacts in since she does not wear glasses. After that, she eats breakfast. Linda likes to eat waffles for breakfast. She makes these with a waffle maker. She usually just eats them plain, but sometimes she adds strawberries. She then packs her lunch for school since she does not like the school lunch. She usually makes a sandwich. Sometimes she even makes one for Tom. She changes her clothes last.

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