58. Apartment Hunting

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Jennifer and Barbara were best friends. They were extremely close to each other, and had always dreamt of living together. When they both got into the same college, they decided they would live together. Their families were also very close with each other. Their parents approved of this living arrangements. The first step for them was to go apartment hunting. They needed to find a place that suited both of them. It needs to be the right size, location, and cost.

They both wanted a place that had enough room in the bedroom for two separate beds. They also needed closet space for their many clothes and accessories. Jennifer preferred carpet, but Barbara preferred tiles. Barbara agreed to compromise and have carpet as long as she was able to have her own restroom. The girls also wanted a kitchen since both of them loved to cook. They searched for places online and also attended open houses. They toured many apartments before they were able to decide on one.

The apartment they picked was one that was close to their school. It had all the rooms they wanted. It was extremely clean and modern also. Jennifer and Barbara were both excited about their new apartment. Now all they had to do was to apply for the apartment and wait to see if they would get approved. They could not wait. Both of them went home and began to plan how they would decorate their apartment.

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