59. Embarrassing Moments

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Ruth was very clumsy and often fell at the worst times possible. Last year she tripped and fell into a tray of food at the cafeteria. Another year she fell in the middle of a lecture, and all the other students looked at her. People knew Ruth was prone to accidents, and she felt super embarrassed when these events happened. She knew that everyone thought she was weird. This year she was determined to be more careful and avoid any accidents. However, she could not keep her resolution.

Ruth was walking in the rain, and somehow managed to fall. Her fall not only caused her to slip, it also caused her to crash into a trashcan. This trashcan knocked down other trashcans, starting a domino effect, which left a trail of trash everywhere next to her. The trash smelled with all the old food that students have thrown away. Instead of laughing at her, many of the students helped her. They helped pick up the trash. They also helped her up and asked if she was okay. She felt so touched by the help she received. She no longer felt embarrassed or pressured.

In the past, Ruth always felt embarrassed. She thought that everyone looked down on her. She now learned that no one was judging her. She knew that she should be more careful. However, she was careful for herself, not for other people. She no longer had embarrassing moments, because she no longer felt embarrassed.

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