60. Mark's New Year Resolution

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"This year is going to be different." This is what Mark told himself every year. Every year he made the same resolution. He always said that he would start exercising more and eating less. Every year he failed to keep his resolution. However, this year Mark knew it was going to be different because he decided to make changes to his resolution. He learned that he should be more specific in his goal. This way he can be more focused and know exactly where to begin.

Losing weight and exercising more were extremely general. Without a guided path, Mark was less likely to reach his resolution. This year he decided to write down that he would run at least one mile every day. It was a realistic goal for Mark. He also said at least five fruits a week. This was also realistic since Mark used to eat two fruits per week at most. As the weeks went on, Mark found it easier to keep his resolution. Since he knew what he had to do, it was much easier. In the past he would exercise once in a while, and eat a diet only sometimes. He did not have a plan on what he was going to do.

Now he did so well that he increased his goal. He decided to do two miles per day and eat seven fruits per week. He felt great about the change he was making; he felt happier and healthier. He also thought about other things he could do to improve his health. This resolution inspired him to sleep earlier and also drink more water.

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