40. A Pair of Magi-pants

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Peggy was watching TV one day It was Monday afternoon, so there was nothing good on. It was mostly just local news, soap opera, or paid programming. Peggy decided to watch the paid programming channel. The product they were trying to sell was Magi-pants. According to the sellers, Magi-pants made your legs look smaller. They came in multiple colors. The TV showed satisfied customers talking about Magi-pants. One of them even said that she gained confidence after wearing the pants.

Peggy usually made fun of the people on paid programming. This time, however, she wanted to buy the product. Peggy never liked her legs. No matter how much she exercised or diet, her legs would still be big. Magi-pants was also having a deal, too. Buy one pair, get the second one half off. If she called within ten minutes, she could get a free pair of MagiShorts. Peggy called the number. She ordered one pair.

A week later, the pants arrived in the mail. Peggy tore the package and tried them right away. She looked in the mirror, but did not see the difference. Frustrated, she called the company asking for a refund. "Miss, are you sure you don't see the difference?" "Yes, I am sure," Peggy said. The sales representative tried to offer her another pair of pants, but Peggy declined. That was the first and last time she ordered anything from paid programming.

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