41. Embarrassed to Be Seen

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Melanie had liked Paul for a long time. One day, she just told him that she liked him. Paul said he liked her, too. He asked her if they could get dinner at his house. Paul said that he cooked well. When Melanie went to Paul's house, Paul was a perfect gentlemen. He took her coat; he let her sit down first; he served her food; he made salmon with kale and broccoli. They shared stories about their childhood and what they wanted for the future. Melanie enjoyed the date.

The next day Melanie texted Paul asking him to have lunch with her on campus at 1 p.m. Paul said he was going to be in class. However, Melanie saw Paul sitting with his friends near the patio. Why did he lie to her? In the evening, Paul texted Melanie asking her if she wanted to have dinner at his place again. Melanie said yes. When Melanie arrived at his house, she asked why he lied to her earlier. Paul sighed. "The truth is, I don't want people to know we are dating," he said. "Why not?" Melanie asked. "My friends don't have the best opinion of you," he said. "What?! What do they think about me?" she asked. "They just think you're kind of weird and too talkative," he said. "So you are embarrassed to be seen with me?" she asked. "Don't say it like that," Paul said.

The next day Melanie went up to Paul and his friends. "Just so you know, Paul and I are dating," she said. His friends were shocked and could not believe it. "Is this true, Paul?" they asked. Paul owned up to the truth and admitted it.

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