42. The School Dress Code

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Liberty High School decided to enforce a dress code. Up until now everyone could wear whatever they wanted. Students started taking advantage of this. Boys were sagging their pants and wearing shirts with bad words on them. Girls were showing their belly button and wearing shorts that were too short. The principal made the announcement about the dress code in the auditorium. All the students were upset. "This is ridiculous!" someone yelled. "Quiet down or else you will get detention," Principal Baker said.

Principal Baker showed the students the uniform. The girls had to wear a white collared shirt with a red skirt. The boys had to wear a white polo shirt with red slacks. The boys and girls had to wear the same white shoes, too. The students were disgusted. "If you have long hair, you need to wear your hair up," the Principal said. The girls were furious. "Piercings and tattoos are not allowed either," Principal Baker added. "What if we already have a tattoo? I can't remove it!" a student shouted. "That is fine. Just do your best to hide it," Principal Baker said.

Principal Baker thought everyone would be in uniform the next day. Instead, everyone was protesting! Students were carrying signs that said "No Uniforms!" and wearing inappropriate clothes. Principal Baker called everyone into the auditorium. "I am demanding everyone to call their parents to bring them their uniform. If you do not do this, you will be suspended," Principal Baker said. The students knew how bad a suspension looked on their records. They did what Principal Baker demanded and wore their uniform every day since.

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