39. An Ice Cream Accident

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Cynthia and her friends were walking in the mall like they always do. They did this twice a month after the last class on Friday. Cynthia's favorite shop was actually the bookstore. Some of her friends liked shopping for clothes and some of her friends liked the food at the mall. "Look! Cynthia, your favorite singer is in Forever 21," said Martha. Cynthia turned around. When she was turning around, she knocked an ice cream cone out of a woman's hand and it landed on the woman's shirt. The woman was upset.

Cynthia apologized and started taking the ice cream off the woman's shirt. The woman was even more upset. "How dare you touch me!" she said. Cynthia apologized again. "You're going to have to pay for this shirt and the ice cream!" the woman said. Cynthia's friends started laughing. They thought it was funny that she was making a big deal out of the situation. "Can't you just put the shirt in the washing machine? Why does she have to pay for your shirt?" asked Martha. "The stain is not going to come off," the woman said. "It's alright, Martha. I'll just pay for it," Cynthia said.

Cynthia asked the woman how much the shirt was. "It was $147," she said. Cynthia reached into her wallet. "Cynthia, this woman is clearly lying to you," Martha said. Cynthia thought about it. Martha was probably right! This woman was taking advantage of Cynthia's kindness. Cynthia asked for proof and the woman could not give it to her. The woman walked away, embarrassed that she was caught lying. Cynthia was thankful for Martha.

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