38. A Waste of Water

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Most people shower once every day. Joyce thinks this is a waste of water. She showers every other day. Joyce does not mind if people know that she does not shower daily. She tells people that showering every day is a waste of water. There are so many countries that do not have clean water readily available. There is also a drought in California. Joyce believes that people should only shower if they really have to. For example, if someone just finished going to the gym, they should shower.

Joyce's entire family only showers once every other day. One day, Joyce invited her classmates to her house to work on their project. The project was on water usage. Joyce revealed that she and her entire family do not shower daily. Her classmates looked at her in disgust and then pinched their noses. "You guys don't even smell anything. If I did not tell you, you would not be doing that," Joyce said. They all made excuses to leave her house.

Joyce was disappointed in them. She thought they were being immature. She decided to do the project by herself. Joyce presented her project in front of the entire class. It was on showering daily and how scientists have proved that it was not necessary. The teacher was impressed and gave Joyce an A+. Her classmates ended up doing not so well. They also got in trouble for leaving Joyce to do the project by herself alone.

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