37. Getting a Divorce

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Harold and Darlene are getting a divorce. They have been married for ten years. They both felt that they married each other too young. Harold felt like he had changed a lot since then. When he was 23, he was ambitious, competitive, and sometimes even harsh. He had plans to be a CEO. Now, he was more relaxed. He was okay with not having a high-paying job.

Darlene wanted the 23-year-old version of Harold. She was ambitious too, and wanted to be a power couple. A power couple is a couple where both partners are successful. Darlene was not okay with Harold only being an accountant.

Harold and Darlene hate each other now. They can barely talk to each other. They have one daughter together. Her name is Christina. Christina is sad that her parents are splitting apart. She does not know who she will be living with. Usually the mother gets full custody of the child. If Christina stays with her dad, she will be living in a smaller house, but she does not mind. She is closer to her dad. They get along better. If Christina stays with her mom, she could spend more money because Darlene is rich. Christina is not that close to her mom though. Her mom does not show love often.

Harold and Darlene decided that Christina should still see both of them. Harold asked Darlene if she was considering another husband. Darlene said she eventually wanted to get married again. Harold wished her good luck.

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