36. If Only She Waited One Day

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Vanessa had been eyeing a dress online for a long time. It was a long, white crochet dress, which cost $100. She was hoping the price would go down. She checked the website every day for one month, but the price never went down. She wanted the dress in the medium size. The website said there were only five more left. She did not want it to sell out. She finally bought the dress.

A week later, it came to her house. Vanessa excitedly opened the package and the dress was perfect. It looked exactly the way it did on the website! Her cousin was throwing a party on a yacht that night. Vanessa wanted to wear the dress for that party.

When Vanessa arrived, everyone complimented on how she looked. The dress was definitely worth it. "Where did you get that dress?" her cousin asked. "tula.com," Vanessa said. Her cousin went on the website. There were only two more in the size medium and one more in the size small.

The next day, Vanessa decided to wear the same dress at her friend's dinner party. "Hey Vanessa! Nice dress. I just bought the same one today. It was such a good price," Jan said. "You mean you don't think $100 is a good price?" Vanessa said. "Oh no, it was only $35!" Jan said. Vanessa's jaw dropped. If only she waited one day.

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