89. Too Cute


Mia was 4 feet and 11 inches tall, with big cheeks and a high-pitched voice. Even though she was 22 years old, a lot of people thought she was still in high school. People still always called her cute. It was a nice thing to hear, but it came with downsides, too. A lot of times, Mia wasn't taken seriously. She just graduated from university and was doing a lot of interviews for jobs in the engineering field.

When Mia introduced herself in an interview, the interviewer laughed. "Little girl, you know you have to be at least 18 to apply here, right?" the interviewer asked. "I know, I am 22 years old," Mia said. The interviewer apologized and continued to ask her questions about her work experience and interest in the job. Mia thought the interview went pretty well.

After a week, Mia didn't hear from the interviewer. She decided to call. She asked if she got hired. The interviewer said she was not. Mia asked why. The interviewer said it was because her co-workers wouldn't take her seriously. He also said that the company needed to have employees who looked mature. Mia was upset5 that her appearance was such a big disadvantage to her.

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