88. Pretty and Dumb


Aria was always the pretty girl at school. She had voluminous, and curly hair. She was tall and thin. Because she was pretty, her classmates assumed she was dumb. Aria was not the smartest girl, but she wasn't the dumbest either. She wanted to prove people wrong by enrolling in Advanced Placement English Literature. On the first day of class, people were shocked to see her there. The teacher even said that she was in the wrong class. Aria had to show the teacher her class schedule.

The teacher assigned the students a passage to read and analyze. The teacher put them in groups of four. Aria's group just ignored Aria and analyzed the passage. Aria tried to talk, but they kept ignoring her and cutting her off. Being sick of the poor treatment, Aria finally yelled, "I'm trying to talk here!" "Nobody wants to listen to you. What you have to say is probably dumb anyways," one of her group members said.

At the end of the class, Aria told the teacher she was dropping. Ms. Sanchez said, "Don't drop, because then you're proving them right. Show them you're capable of using your brain. Share your thoughts out loud in class, and work on getting As on your essays." Ms. Sanchez was right. She would never get rid of her "dumb" reputation if she dropped the class.

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