89. Too Cute

Mia was 4 feet and 11 inches tall, big cheeks and a high-pitched voice. Even though was 22 years old, a lot of people she was still in high school. People still called her cute. It was a nice thing hear, but it came with downsides, too. A of times, Mia wasn't taken seriously. She just from university and was doing a lot of for jobs in the engineering field.

When Mia herself in an interview, the interviewer laughed. "Little , you know you have to be at least to apply here, right?" the interviewer asked. "I , I am 22 years old," Mia said. The apologized and continued to ask her questions about work experience and interest in the job. Mia the interview went pretty well.

After a week, didn't hear from the interviewer. She decided to . She asked if she got hired. The interviewer she was not. Mia asked why. The interviewer it was because her co-workers wouldn't take her . He also said that the company needed to employees who looked mature. Mia was upset that appearance was such a big disadvantage to her.