90. A Pet Mouse


Betty was not like most kids, who had dogs or cats or fish as pets. Betty had a mouse. She liked mice because they were small, easy to take care of, and cute. Betty was probably the only one who thought mice were cute. Whenever her friends came over to her house, they were disgusted by her mouse. The mouse was male; his name was Augustus. Augustus was the name of the founder of the Roman empire.

When Betty went to feed Augustus, he was nowhere to be found. He wasn't under his little dome or running on his wheel. How did he get out? After hours of looking around the house, Betty put up signs around the neighborhood. Her neighbor ripped it off. "Hey! Why did you do that?" Betty asked. "I lost my dog, so I'm going to put my sign up. Besides, no one cares about a mouse. Someone probably ran over it with a car already," her neighbor said.

Betty didn't let what her neighbor said discourage her. She continued putting up "Lost Mouse" signs. Betty then heard a scream. "Ew, it's a mouse!" someone cried out loud. Betty followed the scream and it led her to the gas station, where she found Augustus. She grabbed him and hugged him tightly.

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