91. A Scary Story for the Night


Steve was a counselor at Camp Lafton. His job was to take care of the kids at night, teach them how to swim, and make sure they weren't getting into trouble. At night, the kids kept talking. They were supposed to be quiet an hour ago. Steve had a hard time stopping them from talking. He was getting tired of telling them to be quiet.

Steve had an idea. "Hey, do you guys want to hear a scary story about this cabin?" he asked. They got excited and started jumping up and down. "Okay, I will tell it. You have to be quiet, so you can hear me though," Steve said. The kids nodded. The story was an old camp legend. It was about the twins who lived in the same cabin as they did. One of the twins mysteriously fainted while the other one fell through the hole of the floor and was never to be seen again. The twin who fainted was in a coma.

When Steve finished the story, the kids were scared. They couldn't sleep and some of the kids even cried. The kids were definitely quiet though. He didn't think they would get that scared.

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