16. Happy with the Result


A: Did you hear who won the election?

B: I can't believe that Obama won.

A: I couldn't be happier to know that he's our new President.

B: I know! He just made history!

A: You voted for him, right?

B: I did. Did you?

A: I voted for him.

B: I am so happy that he is our new President!

A: So am I.

B: I hope that he brings change to America.

A: I have faith in him.

B: I have faith in our new President.


A: You know who won the election, right?

B: I'm still shocked that Obama was elected.

A: I couldn't believe it, either.

B: He just made history.

A: I hope you voted for him.

B: Of course I did. Did you?

A: I made sure to vote for him.

B: I am really excited about this.

A: I know how you feel.

B: Hopefully, he'll change things in our nation.

A: I know that he will.

B: I trust him.


A: You heard who won the election, didn't you?

B: Yeah. I am so excited that Obama won.

A: I'm so happy that he did.

B: That man just made history.

A: Did you vote for him?

B: I sure did! What about you?

A: Of course I did!

B: I am still in shock to know that he was elected.

A: I am, too!

B: I pray that he actually makes things better in this country.

A: I'm sure that he will.

B: I know he will, too.

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