17. Comments on the New President


A: Can you believe that Obama is our new President?

B: I'm so happy about that.

A: Did you vote for him?

B: I sure did. How about you?

A: I voted for him.

B: I have complete confidence in our new President.

A: Is that right?

B: I know he will help change America.

A: I hope so, because America needs a change.

B: I feel like things are already changing, because he was elected.

A: I agree with you completely.

B: I'm not worried about our country now that it's in his hands.


A: I can't believe Obama is our President.

B: I am proud to know that he is our President.

A: You voted for him, right?

B: Did you vote for him, because I know that I did.

A: I did, too.

B: I have nothing but faith in Obama.

A: Really?

B: I'm sure he will help better America.

A: We do need some change in this country.

B: Our country is already changing as it is.

A: You're absolutely right.

B: I trust that he will take good care of our country.


A: Can you believe that Obama was actually elected?

B: I can believe it, and I am very excited about it.

A: I hope you voted for him.

B: Of course I did. Didn't you?

A: Of course!

B: I have total faith in Obama as our President.

A: You do?

B: Yeah. I have faith that he will help America turn over a new leaf.

A: Our country really could use some work.

B: I believe that change has already begun.

A: I couldn't agree more.

B: I no longer need to worry about what will happen with this country.

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