15. Disappointed at the Result

1. Repeat

A: Did you hear who won the election?

B: No, who was it?

A: McCain is our new President.

B: You're a liar!

A: I'm not happy about it, either.

B: Who voted for him?

A: I guess the people wanted him as our new leader.

B: That's the dumbest thing that I've ever heard.

A: I have to tell you something else that you probably won't like.

B: What could be worse than what you just told me?

A: I wasn't serious, because Obama got elected.

B: That's fantastic! You really got me there.

2. Repeat

A: You heard who won the election, right?

B: Who was elected?

A: McCain won the election.

B: That can't be true!

A: I'm upset, too.

B: I can't believe people voted for him.

A: People must want him as our President.

B: That doesn't make any sense.

A: I have more bad news.

B: How could the news get any worse?

A: I was only kidding, because Obama won the election.

B: That's great news!

3. Repeat

A: Have you heard who got elected?

B: No, who won?

A: Our new President is John McCain.

B: What? You can't be serious!

A: I was just as shocked when I found out.

B: Why would anyone vote for McCain?

A: The people have spoken.

B: That's horrible.

A: If you don't like that, then you're probably going to be mad at what I tell you next.

B: More bad news?

A: I was just joking, and Obama is our new President.

B: Are you serious this time? That's wonderful news.

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