14. Discussions After Voting


A: Did you vote yesterday?

B: I sure did!

A: What candidate did you vote for?

B: I voted for Obama.

A: I'm shocked he actually won.

B: I knew he would win.

A: How'd you know?

B: He was the best candidate this year.

A: What about him being black?

B: I guess America is finally maturing.

A: I think you have a point.

B: I'm really happy.


A: Did you vote?

B: Of course!

A: Who was your vote for President?

B: My vote was for Barack Obama.

A: I didn't expect him to win.

B: I had no doubt in my mind that he would win.

A: What made you think that?

B: Nobody could compete with him.

A: I thought his race would have kept him from winning.

B: Times are changing.

A: That's true.

B: I support our new President 100%.


A: You voted, right?

B: You know I did.

A: Who did you vote for?

B: I voted for Obama, of course!

A: Can you believe that he actually won?

B: I knew he would win.

A: I didn't think he would.

B: He was the top candidate.

A: I figured people wouldn't vote for him because he's African American.

B: That just goes to show that America is finally turning over a new leaf.

A: You're absolutely right.

B: I'm excited that Barack Obama is our President.

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