10. How to Go to an Interview


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A: Is this the class to prepare for interviews?

B: This is the right place. Please join us.

A: I have an interview tomorrow, so I hope I can learn everything quickly.

B: We are all going to have great interviews. What are some things that we need to remember in an interview?

A: I think that we should make sure that our looks are the best they can be.

B: Right, and what about our friendliness and attitude?

A: Yes, and being friendly and having a good attitude also help me relax.

B: Did you know that they pay as much attention to what you ask as to what you say in an interview?

A: No, I didn't. What else should I keep in mind?

B: Just relax, listen carefully to the questions, and be honest in your responses.


ESL Robot 4.0 (Android Version) & (iOS Version) - an AI-powered English tutor

A: Is this the workshop to prepare for an interview?

B: This is the interview class. Welcome to our class.

A: I am really excited to be taking this workshop so that I can get ready for my interview next week.

B: We are all learning things that will help us in our interview. What do you think are some important considerations going into your interview?

A: I think that we should dress neatly and appropriately.

B: Yes. Second, as you can imagine, attitude and friendliness go a long way.

A: Yes, and I always feel much better when I am friendly.

B: Believe it or not, the interviewers are as interested in your questions as they are in your answers.

A: Any more hints as to what I should do in an interview?

B: Always be honest with your answers. The interviewers really do want to know if you will be a good fit for them.


ESL Robot 4.0 (Android Version) & (iOS Version) - an AI-powered English tutor

A: I was trying to find the class on preparing for interviews.

B: You have found your way to the interview class. Please come in!

A: I am so happy I found this class because I was really nervous about my upcoming interview.

B: When we go into an interview, what do you think our first consideration should be?

A: Our dress and grooming are probably the first thing an interviewer judges us by.

B: Friendliness and a good attitude are also very important.

A: Yes, and they help establish a friendly tone for the rest of the interview.

B: The interviewers always are interested in what you ask them about their company.

A: What else should I be thinking about?

B: Be yourself and be honest. Simply answer the questions put to you.

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