11. Finding a Job


A: What should I do when I find a job?

B: There are a few considerations. Is this a part-time or full-time job?

A: Does it make a difference?

B: Basically, you really don't need to do much of anything. On the Continued Claim Form, you will note that you now have a new job and also note what you are earning.

A: If I get work for a few weeks, will I be terminated from EDD?

B: You will not mess up your job benefits by taking work. You can always come back and notify EDD that you are once again in need of assistance.


A: Should I tell EDD that I have found a job?

B: Is this a temporary job or something more permanent?

A: What difference does it make?

B: When you get your next Continued Claim Form, you should just write down where you worked and note that you no longer need unemployment.

A: If I take a short job and then get laid off, will I be starting over trying to get unemployment?

B: Just because you work for a week doesn't mean that you will be losing your benefits.


A: How do I know when to tell EDD that have I started a new job?

B: Work is work, whether it's a part-time or temporary job or a full-time gig.

A: So I guess I have to report that I've found a little bit of work.

B: All you need to do is fill in the blanks correctly on the Continued Claim Form, and the EDD Office will take care of the rest.

A: What about if I find a job that I know will only last for a couple of weeks? Can I take it?

B: It is to your advantage to work as much as you can.

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