9. Attending a Workshop at EDD


A: Is this the Resume Writing Workshop?

B: Yes, this is the Resume Writing Workshop. Welcome!

A: I really don't know that much about putting together a resume.

B: It's easy. Don't worry about it.

A: What's the most important part?

B: Well, the most important thing we need to do is make sure that our name and contact information are across the top.

A: What comes next?

B: You can either list your job experience next or your education--whichever is the most impressive should be first.

A: Can I list my interests next?

B: Sure, that would be a good place for them.


A: I was wondering if this is where the Resume Writing Workshop is being held.

B: You are in the right place. Please come on in!

A: It's been a long time since I've had to look for work and put a resume together.

B: It's going to come together just fine. Trust me!

A: Where do we begin?

B: We start at the top with our name and contact information. Make sure the information is current.

A: Then what do we do?

B: Put your job experience first, if that is more impressive than your education.

A: What about listing my interests and affiliations next?

B: Yes, that would make a good ending for your resume.


A: I was looking for the Resume Writing Workshop.

B: You came to the right spot. Come on in and join us!

A: I am not really sure that I remember how to even put a resume together.

B: I am here to show you how to put together the perfect resume. It will turn out great!

A: How do we get started?

B: We need to put our name and contact information across the top.

A: Then what?

B: You can list your education at the top, or choose your job experience to be there if it is more impressive.

A: Could I list my interests and special skills next?

B: I think that that would work out quite well as an ending for your resume.

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