8. Asking Where to Park on Campus

1. Repeat

A: I need to find somewhere to park.

B: Off campus or on campus?

A: I need to find a space on campus.

B: Why don't you park in the parking structure for students?

A: Where is the parking structure at?

B: It's on the west side of the campus.

A: Do you know if the parking structure is full or not?

B: It was empty last time I went up there.

A: How long ago was that?

B: I went up there early this morning.

A: Do you think it'll be full now?

B: It might be. You'll have to go see for yourself.

2. Repeat

A: Do you know where I can park?

B: Do you need a spot here or off campus?

A: I want a space on campus.

B: There's a parking structure for students.

A: Where can I find it?

B: Go to the western side of the campus, and you'll find it there.

A: Is it full?

B: When I went up there, it wasn't full at all.

A: When was that?

B: Sometime this morning.

A: Would it be full now?

B: I am really not sure.

3. Repeat

A: I really need to find a parking spot.

B: Are you looking for a space on or off campus?

A: Do you know any spaces on campus?

B: You can park in the student parking structure.

A: Where is it located?

B: You'll find the parking structure on the west side of the campus.

A: Do you have any idea if the parking structure has any spaces left?

B: Last time I checked, it was pretty empty.

A: What time was it when you went up there?

B: That was earlier this morning.

A: It wouldn't be full right now, would it?

B: I have no idea.

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