7. Getting the Driver's License


A: I need to get my driver's license.

B: You need to take your driving test. Have you?

A: No, I still need to take it.

B: Please fill out this paperwork.

A: All right, but will I be able to take my test today?

B: Actually, you're going to have to make an appointment first.

A: May I make one right now, please?

B: Sure, you can. The soonest day available will be this Friday.

A: Friday will be fine.

B: What time can you come in?

A: I would like to do it sometime in the morning.

B: I'll schedule you for 11 o'clock, Friday morning.


A: I would like to get my driver's license today.

B: You will have to take your driving test. Have you taken it yet?

A: I haven't taken it yet.

B: Could you fill these papers out, please?

A: Can I take my test right now?

B: You need an appointment.

A: I would like to do that right now, if I could.

B: Is Friday good for you?

A: That's perfect.

B: Okay, so Friday at what time?

A: The morning would be nice.

B: All right. Come in on Friday at 11:00.


A: How can I get my driver's license?

B: Have you taken your driving test yet?

A: I have yet to take my driving test.

B: Okay, first I'm going to need you to fill out the paperwork.

A: When can I take my test?

B: You'll have to make an appointment for that.

A: I would like to make one right now.

B: How does Friday sound?

A: That would be great.

B: What time would you like to take the test?

A: If I could do it in the morning, then that would be good.

B: Eleven o'clock on Friday morning. See you then.

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