6. Passing the Road Test


A: How'd I do on my driving test?

B: You did great on your test.

A: Did I pass my test?

B: You passed with flying colors.

A: Did I mess up at all on my test?

B: There was only one thing.

A: What was it?

B: You had some problems with parking.

A: Parking is always the hardest thing for me.

B: You should practice that.

A: I will, but in the meantime, do I get my license?

B: Yes. You got your license.


A: Did I do well on my driving test?

B: You did a wonderful job.

A: So, I passed?

B: Yes, you passed.

A: Did I mess up on anything?

B: You did mess up on something.

A: What was that?

B: Your parallel parking isn't all that great.

A: Yes, that's pretty hard for me.

B: You just need a little more practice.

A: I know, but I still get my license, right?

B: You got it.


A: About my driving test, did I do well?

B: You did a fabulous job.

A: Are you telling me that I passed the test?

B: That's what I'm telling you.

A: What did I mess up on?

B: You did mess up a little on one thing.

A: Tell me.

B: You had a little trouble on your parallel parking.

A: That's not easy for me.

B: That's something that you really need to work on.

A: Am I still going to get my license?

B: You're still going to get it.

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