9. Getting a Parking Ticket

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A: Have you ever gotten a parking ticket?

B: I've never gotten one. Have you?

A: I got a ticket yesterday.

B: Really? What did you get one for?

A: I parked in the red zone.

B: Why did you do that?

A: I needed to get something real quickly.

B: Where did you park at?

A: At my apartment building.

B: Don't you have your own parking spot?

A: I needed to be fast.

B: That was very lazy of you.


A: Have you gotten a parking ticket before?

B: No, I haven't. What about you?

A: I got a ticket a couple of days ago.

B: What did you do?

A: I got it for parking in the red zone.

B: Why would you park in the red zone?

A: I had to run in and get something quickly.

B: Where were you at?

A: I got the ticket in front of my apartment.

B: I thought that you had your own parking spot?

A: I had to make it quick.

B: Hope it was worth it.


A: Did you ever get a parking ticket?

B: No, have you?

A: Yes, I just got one the other day.

B: How'd you get a ticket?

A: The ticket was for parking in the red zone.

B: I don't understand why you would do that.

A: There was nowhere to park, and I needed to run in and get something.

B: Where'd you get the ticket at?

A: I parked in front of my apartment building.

B: What about your parking spot?

A: But I really needed to be quick.

B: I bet that you wish you hadn't done that.

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