4. Getting Off Too Early


A: Is this our bus stop?

B: I think this is it. Get off.

A: Dude, where are we at?

B: I have no idea.

A: I thought this was the right stop.

B: It doesn't look right to me.

A: Did you make us get off early?

B: I think we did.

A: I should not have listened to you.

B: I really thought this was our stop.

A: Now we have to walk.

B: Maybe we should just wait for the next bus.


A: I'm not sure, is this our stop?

B: Yeah, get off the bus.

A: Do you have any idea where we are?

B: I'm really not sure.

A: This can't be the right stop.

B: I don't think this is right.

A: We got off too early, didn't we?

B: Yeah, we did get off too early.

A: I should've just stayed on the bus.

B: I messed up.

A: Great, we have to walk now.

B: You want to wait for the next bus?


A: Are we supposed to get off right here?

B: I think so; hurry up and get off.

A: Where are we?

B: I don't know.

A: You said this was the right stop.

B: I think I was wrong.

A: Did we get off the bus too early?

B: I don't know; it kind of looks like we did.

A: Why did you tell me to get off?

B: I'm sorry. I thought this was our stop.

A: I really don't feel like walking.

B: We could always wait for the next bus to come.


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