5. How to Buy a Pass


A: I need to buy a bus pass.

B: What kind of bus pass would you like to buy?

A: What are the different kinds?

B: You can get a day, weekly, monthly, or student pass.

A: Could I get a student pass, please?

B: Sure, can I see your student ID?

A: Sure, here it is.

B: Very good.

A: How much for the pass?

B: It's free, but the monthly sticker is $24.

A: I'll take it.

B: Thank you for your purchase.


A: I would like to get a bus pass.

B: Do you know what kind of pass you want?

A: Can you tell me my options?

B: There are passes for a day, month, and week, and there are student passes.

A: I would like the student pass.

B: Let me see your student ID.

A: Here you go.

B: Thank you very much.

A: How much will it be for the pass?

B: The monthly sticker is $24, but the actual pass is free.

A: That'll be fine.

B: We appreciate your business.


A: Could I buy a bus pass today?

B: Which bus pass would you like to purchase?

A: What kinds of passes are there?

B: There are day passes, weekly passes, monthly passes, and student passes.

A: Let me get a student pass.

B: Could I see your student ID, please?

A: No problem, here you go.

B: Thanks.

A: How much does this pass cost?

B: The pass is free; the monthly sticker costs $24.

A: That's fine then.

B: I hope you enjoy your pass.

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