3. Complaining about a Late Bus


A: Where is the bus?

B: I think it's running late.

A: It should've been here 30 minutes ago.

B: It should be coming soon.

A: It better, because I'm already late for work.

B: I can't stand riding the bus.

A: Me too, it's so unreliable.

B: That is true.

A: It's also horrible having to be at a bus stop in any kind of weather.

B: Exactly.That's the worst part.

A: I think it's time we started driving.

B: Yes, I agree.


A: When is the bus going to get here?

B: It's obviously late.

A: It was scheduled to be here about thirty minutes ago.

B: I'm sure it'll be here in a little bit.

A: I hope so, because I'm running really late for work.

B: I hate having to take the bus every day.

A: So do I, you can never count on public transportation.

B: Exactly.

A: I really can't stand being at the bus stop in the heat and rain.

B: I know what you mean.

A: We're going to have to get a car of our own.

B: I couldn't agree with you more.


A: I want to get on the bus already.

B: It just isn't on time today.

A: It was supposed to be here thirty minutes ago.

B: I think it'll be here pretty soon.

A: I need to get to work, so it better.

B: I really do hate public transportation.

A: I agree, it's just never on time.

B: That's right.

A: I also hate having to stand at a bus stop in all kinds of weather.

B: Oh, that's the worst.

A: We need to get a car.

B: I completely agree with that.

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