2. Asking for a Transfer


A: I need to get on another bus, but I have no more money.

B: Where'd the rest of your money for the bus go?

A: I spent it on a bag of chips.

B: Well, that was an intelligent thing to do.

A: You don't have any spare change?

B: No, I don't.

A: How am I going to get home?

B: You should just ask the bus driver for a transfer.

A: How much does that cost?

B: It's free; just go ask for one.

A: Thanks for letting me know.

B: No problem, just go ask.


A: I'm broke, and I have to catch another bus.

B: Why don't you have any money for another bus?

A: I got hungry and bought some chips.

B: That was smart.

A: Do you have any change I can use for the bus?

B: I don't have any.

A: I don't know how I'm going to get home.

B: Get a transfer from the bus driver.

A: How much is a transfer?

B: It doesn't cost anything.

A: Thanks for your help.

B: Don't mention it.


A: I don't have any more cash, and I have to get on another bus to get home.

B: Why don't you have any more money?

A: I wanted some chips at lunch today, so I spent it.

B: That was a bright idea.

A: Do you have some change I can borrow?

B: I don't have any change for you.

A: I need to get home.

B: Why don't you just ask the bus driver for a transfer?

A: I don't have money for a transfer.

B: Go ask for a transfer. They're free.

A: I'm glad you let me know.

B: You're welcome.

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