13. Wedding Discussion


A: Their wedding was absolutely beautiful.

B: It really was. I want a wedding like that.

A: How much do you think they spent on their wedding?

B: I think it might've cost them a nice chunk of change.

A: Do you want a big wedding like that?

B: Not really. I'd rather have a small wedding.

A: I wouldn't want a small wedding.

B: Why not?

A: I want my wedding to be big and memorable.

B: It can be small and memorable too.

A: Well, to each his own.

B: You are absolutely right.


A: Their wedding was just exquisite.

B: I know. Maybe one day I'll have a wedding like that.

A: What do you think their budget was?

B: It must have cost them a pretty penny.

A: Would you like to have a big wedding like they did?

B: No. I think I would prefer a smaller wedding.

A: I want a big wedding.

B: How come?

A: I want my wedding to be extravagant, and I want everyone to remember it.

B: Your wedding doesn't have to be big to be memorable.

A: Whatever floats your boat.

B: That is correct.


A: Their wedding was so beautiful.

B: I agree completely. I hope that I have a wedding like that one day.

A: How much do you reckon it cost to pull that wedding off?

B: I think it cost them a lot of money.

A: Do you hope to have a wedding as big as theirs?

B: I don't think so. I want to have a smaller wedding.

A: Not me.

B: Why do you want a bigger wedding?

A: I want to have a large wedding that everyone will remember.

B: You can have a small wedding, and people will still remember it.

A: Whatever flicks your Bic.

B: That is true.

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